St Paul's United Church, Midland, Ontario
St. Paul’s Outreach committee members are:
     Co-Chairpersons: Lois McQuirter  Karen Ptolemy-Stam
Norm Draper – Monday Morning Drop In
Pat File – Social Justice
Fran Hill – Guest House Meals. Food Grains Bank
Joan Lavin – Meals on Wheels
Debbie McGrory – Christian Island Christmas Hampers
Lois McQuirter – Santa Parade Hot Chocolate
Barb Nicholls – Member at large
Sharon Penrose – Member at large
Zena Pendlebury – Guest House Meals
Sharon Penrose – Food Grains Bank
UCW representative - Vacant
*Karen Ptolemy-Stam – Staff Resource

2019,The Outreach committee had seven members through the year. Jim Sinclair, Lois McQuirter, Fran Hill, Norm Draper, Joan Lavin, Rev. Karen, Caryn MacLoghlin and Sharon Penrose as Chair. Jim Sinclair will not be continuing on the committee.
We wear many hats:
Christmas hamper team: Jim Sinclair and Debbie McGrory. We did not do the hampers Christmas of 2019 as they had other funding and did not need our help. The Outreach team on Christian Island will be in touch with us if the need our assistance.
Meals on Wheels: Joan Lavin has a team of drivers; Lenore and Ivan Price, Diane Bryce, Judy McConnell, Jackie Hebert, Betty Anne Bell, Roy and Joan Lavin who deliver five meals every Tuesday at noon.
Monday Morning Drop in: Rick and Gabby Dell lead this group of volunteers. See full Drop-In report in the Annual Reports.
Midland Santa Claus Parade: Lois McQuirter manages this with some help from other church members during the parade. We provide hot chocolate, washrooms and a place to warm up. There were approximately 250 - 300 cups of hot chocolate provided. Food Basics donates large tins of hot chocolate.
Guest House meals: Fran Hill manages a team of seven to eight dedicated volunteers who provide a wholesome evening meal the 2nd Wednesday of each month. They make sure there is fresh fruit included in the meal as a snack or dessert.
United Church Women: We do not have a UCW representative on the committee. They provide sandwiches for the Grace Kitchen every Tuesday during the month of August. They provide funds to the Guest House, Salvation Army, St. Vincent De Paul, Habitat for Humanity, a Foster child, St. Paul`s Mission and Service and Camp Simpresca. Please refer to the UCW report on page 41.
Mission and Service Fund: All funds go to missions in and out of Canada. Approximately 55% of the church members donate to the Mission and Service fund.
The Benevolent fund is administered by the minister and church administrator. This is funded primarily through our Christmas Eve Donations. The fund supports the Monday morning Drop-in, Christmas hampers for Christian Island, Valu-mart food vouchers in conjunction with Salvation Army, and families in need on an individual basis.
Food Grains: The Foodgrains campaign started on October 27, 2019 and was success again this year. We raised $6242.90 and it was matched by $2500 by Trust funds. This was less than previous years because of our fiscal position at that time.
Social Justice sub-committee: We are hoping to develop this committee in 2020. The United Church identifies areas of social justice and this group will keep St. Paul`s informed regarding humanitarian or social justice issues in Canada and Around the World.
We are always looking for new members so please contact any member of the committee if you are interested.