St Paul's United Church, Midland, Ontario



308 King Street
Midland, Ontario L4R 3M6
(705) 526-6077

Minister: Reverend Karen Ptolemy-Stam

Director of Music: Victoria Warwick

Your wedding should be a beautiful, joyful and significant occasion in your life.  Nothing should be permitted to mar it.

A Church Wedding is a special occasion as it is a service of worship, at which time a couple is married in the presence of God’s people and God’s blessing is placed upon the Bride and Groom.

If you want your wedding to have the reverence, dignity, beauty and simplicity of sincere worship then St. Paul's has what you want. Our Minister has the training and experience and is ready to help you in any way possible to achieve these things.  Once you have contacted the church office and completed the necessary papers, the minister will be in touch with you.

General:  Marriage is a legal contract between two people and is licensed and registered by the Province of Ontario  Our minister is legally authorized to perform marriages. Christian marriage is however, more than a legal contract.  It is a covenant between two people made before God.  It is an act of faith and is conducted in the context of the worship of God.  The couple, the family and friends meet in the church to ask God to be with them and bless them, to listen for the Word of God and to pray together. 

The Interview:  The Minister has a policy, with the consent of the Official Board of St. Paul’s that she will not marry anyone without consultation with the couple before hand.  She will want to meet at least once with both of you before the wedding so that she may become acquainted with you as a couple. It is your wedding and she will want to make the service as personal and meaningful for you as possible.

Banns or License:  In Ontario, you may be married either by Banns or license.
Banns:  If both of you are in the habit of attending church worship, you may be married following the publication of banns.  There is no charge for the publication of Banns.  However, those who have been divorced cannot be married by Banns.

License:  If the situation does not meet with your personal circumstances then a license to marry may be obtained from the town hall. The license must be dated at least three full days before the wedding, but once obtained is valid for three months.  Please fill out your license and leave it with the church administrator no later than one week before the wedding.

Music:  Appropriate music is part of our offering to God and adds to the beauty of the service.  The organist will be happy to discuss this with you if you wish.  All music must be arranged in consultation with the church organist.  There are more “Guidelines for Music” enclosed.

Rehearsal:  This is usually arranged for the evening before the wedding.  Only the members of the wedding party need attend.  Please be on time.  The Minister is in charge of the rehearsal.
Parking:  If you wish to “rent” parking spaces in front of the church, you can make arrangements at the town hall during regular business hours.  You must pick up the meter bags on Friday for a Saturday wedding.  Bring them to the church at the time of rehearsal.  The wedding assistant will place them on the meters prior to the wedding service. The couple is responsible for returning them to the town hall.  

Photographs & Video Cameras:  Photographs may be taken before or after the marriage service and during the signing of the register, but not during the service.  Video cameras may be used during the service, but from the balcony so they don’t interfere with the ceremony.

Confetti:  Please refrain from scattering confetti on the church property.  Thank you for being considerate in this way.

Fees:  It is the policy of St. Paul’s to charge $665.00 for a church wedding either in the sanctuary or the chapel; these fees may be changed without notice. The fee for a wedding held outside the church will be $300.00. At the time of booking your wedding, a non-refundable $100 deposit is to be paid within two weeks of booking your wedding to secure this date for you. Please pay the balance to the office administrator before or when you bring in your wedding license.

Flowers, Candles, Candelabra etc:  It is customary for the bride to make her own arrangements with a florist.  If you are using candles in your ceremony they must be the dripless kind.  If your florist is providing the candles please make sure they are the dripless ones.  We have no custodial staff on duty so we ask that you do not throw flower petals inside or outside the church. Pew ribbons or other decorations are permitted. Please do not scotch tape the pew bows as it removes the finish from the pews.  Since, on some days we have more than one wedding taking place, please consult with the church administrator.  


Guidelines for Music at Weddings

Arranging for the Organist:  The bride and or groom must call the Director of Music, Victoria Warwick, at home a few months before your service to set up a time for an appointment to meet with her to go over the music for your ceremony.

Financial Arrangements:  The organist fee is included in the wedding fee. Soloists for your wedding are an additional expense, which you must arrange.

Use of Outside Organists/Musicians:
It is policy of this church that the Director of Music is responsible for the provision of music for all functions in the church.  Approval must be obtained from the Director for the use of outside musicians.  Only competent, experienced CHURCH organists will be considered alternates.

The use of any other organists must be discussed with the Director of Music.  If, for some reason, St. Paul’s organist is not available for your wedding, arrangements will be made to find an alternate.

Use of Sound system:  A fee of $50.00 will be charged if you wish to have a CD played at your service.  This is to cover the cost of a person to run the church sound system.  

Soloists:  If you wish, you may choose a soloist (vocal or instrumental) to assist at the wedding.  The organist must approve the choice of music.  Care should be taken to ensure that the soloist does not become the focal point of the wedding.  Even one solo in the middle of the ceremony can be enough.  Solos sung before the wedding and at the signing of the register are also nice.