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 What we have been doing this year
The second annual St. Paul’s Summerfest
was held each Wednesday from July 19th through August 23rd.
Providing full course meals and entertainment.
 from 2010 to the most recent (Christmas 2016)
 Our Image result for VON logo exercise classes ~ every Tuesday and Thursday at noon for 45 minutes (12 ~ 12:45pm)
All are welcome
Open to both men and women the classes are free and will continue indefinitely,
(as long as we have people coming out), so you can join in at any time. 
The VON Smart program is a gentle functional fitness program designed for community members 55+.
Increase and maintain strength, coordination, balance and flexibility. 
Improve your health and energy, improve mobility and independence, prevent falls. 
There is no floor or mat work and all activities are tailored to the participant's ability level.
Other news and messages
On Sunday 24th April 'Earth Day' we watched one of the videos linked below
Our Creator provides so much which gives us joy and awe!