St Paul's United Church

Fellowship Club


Our FELLOWSHIP CLUB  has been running for over 60 years! Generally we meet on the first Tuesday of the month in the Gym (Auditorium) at 7pm. Activities range from the simple evening together through to having a guest speaker to hosting a Roast Beef Dinner for the congregation.

Our committee consists of four people at the moment.
Diane Marr-Treasurer,             Jacque’ Hebert - Coffee coordinator

Colin & Sharon Whiteside are the Chair & Secretary.

We held a meeting to plan for a few events for you to
look forward to in 2016

Tuesday April 5th. We held a Games and Finger Food gathering at 6pm in the Great hall. Everyone was welcome, just bringing their favorite tidbits, savory or sweet and joining in.
Tuesday May 4th. TENTATIVE for a Ham & Scalloped Potato Fundraiser. Please watch for more info.
Saturday June 11th. is a tentative date for a Boat Cruise.
Tues. Sept. 6th. Pot Luck.
Wed. Sept 28th. Beef Dinner date is tentative.
Tues. Dec. 6th. Christmas Dinner.

Jacque’ will be looking for help and cookies for the Fellowship coffee Sunday. As always a lot of help is needed for events, and greatly appreciated.


Haven't been out to one of our meetings? Why not plan to attend our next meeting we would love to welcome you!