St Paul's


 AODA, St. Paul's has taken the following steps to make its facilities and services more accessible to persons with various disabilities:
·       Large print bulletins are available for each Sunday service
·       Hearing assistive devices are distributed each Sunday to those who need them
·       Hymns, prayers, responsive readings and announcements are displayed on large screens in large fonts at the front of the church and also to the choir
·       The sanctuary is wheelchair accessible through the Easy Street Entrance as is the chapel, and through the chapel, the Parlour and the Minister's office
·        A pew has been removed to make room for wheelchairs near an accessible entrance to the Sanctuary and the area marked with appropriate signage
·       A stair lift is available to transport those needing assistance to the Great Hall on the lower level for coffee after each Sunday service and for other events held there
·       The stair lift is available for use at all functions; however, a call to the office (705-526-6077) will ensure that an operator is available when needed
·       All four staff parking spaces belonging to St. Paul's close to the church's Easy Street Entrance have been designated for handicapped users on Sundays
·       Service animals and their owners are welcome at St. Paul's
·       A ramp leads to the Easy Street entrance only; all other entrances have steps
 Limitations: At this time St. Paul's does not have
·       Automatic doors: assistance may be required for entry. Please ring the door bell for help if alone
·       The washroom near the Easy Street entrance has some assistive devices; however, it is not fully accessible to wheelchairs. There are no wheelchair accessible washrooms in the building
·       The stair lift requires an operator. Operators are always available for Sunday services; however, for other events, to ensure operator availability, please call the office beforehand at 705-526-6389
 Planned Improvements     
The congregation in February 2013 approved  a capital campaign to address remaining accessibility issues such as improving washroom accessibility for wheelchair users, installing a new lift or elevator to make several levels of the building accessible to wheelchair users and those with other mobility challenges, making entrance doors handicapped accessible, as well as other inside improvements to the building's flow. These improvements are in the planning stages. They are expected to be approved and fund raised in 2014 and implemented in 2015.
 Please call the church office (705-526-6077), 9:AM – 4:30 PM Monday – Friday, to discuss your needs. St. Paul's will make every effort to assist you!
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