St Paul's United Church, Midland, Ontario
The Purpose of the Communication Committee was to maintain communication within St. Paul's United Church among its members and adherents. 
This has now been divided into two committees
Congregational Life Committee:
Chairperson: Sheila Thompson
Members: Sandra Flint, Ron Neville, Sharon Penrose, Jean Stainton, *Colleen Gareau – Staff Resource
  • Meetings are scheduled for the second Tuesday of the month at 7:00 PM 
  • deliver church newsletter three times per year
  • sponsor and schedule fellowship time, every Sunday after the morning service
  • coordinate "Every Family Directory"
  • deliver video tapes of the Sunday Service to shut-ins every week
  • organize church family pictorial directory every five years
Technology and Social Media Committee:
Chairperson: Fran Hill
Members: Cam Bonner, Rick Dell, Colin Whiteside, Bruce Wilcox, Linda Wilcox, *Glenn Erwin – Staff Resource
  • Meetings of the Technology/Social Media Team are called on an ad hoc basis
  • responsible for maintaining and updating St. Paul's web site and Facebook
Other Information
  • New members are always welcome to these committees. If you are interested in assisting with internal and external communication at St. Paul's then please leave a message, 
Congregational Life :
at the church for  Sheila Thompson (Chair) (526-6077) or send a note to us via this web site.
Technology/Social Media :  Fran Hill 
                                       Rev. Bev Irwin  
                                       Linda Wilcox