St Paul's United Church, Midland, Ontario


Co-Chairpersons: Cathy Metzgar & Victoria Warwick

Members: Jean Brockelbank, Antje Clarke, Mary Jane Deacon, Sandra Flint, Carolyn Hendry, Julianna Shaw, Don Spratt, Colin Whiteside, Sharon Whiteside,

*Karen Ptolemy-Stam – Staff Resource *Victoria Warwick – Staff Resource 

The Worship Committee organizes the services of worship, taking into consideration the Christian seasons and special events in our church. They are responsible for pulpit supply when the minister is away or on vacation, over-sight of the Choir and music, organizing Communion - (preparers and servers), scheduling lay readers and ushers, planning baptisms, confirmations and transfers of membership, sponsoring the new members luncheon and mid-week Bible Study.

The Worship Committee meets the second Tuesday morning of each month, at 9:45am in the minister's office. The committee welcomes congregational input and ideas pertaining to worship at St. Paul's.

Report to the Annual Meeting for the year 2019

Greeting Everyone. This has been an incredible year. Our Music Director brought to fruition "Camel Lot", another wonderful twist on our beloved Christmas Story. We relate to our perception of working to succeed until the Spirit shakes us and our lives are open. Along with this play, Victoria is the conductor of other choirs and keeps our own church choir relevant and updated. She orchestrated the purchase, tuning and delivery of our newer Baldwin Grand piano. This was made possible with a generous donation to our Memorial Fund by John McCullough and Family and is dedicated in memory of Phil McCullough. Thank you to Victoria for being such a great Music Director for St. Paul's.

Behind the scenes our scripture reader recruiter works her magic so that every Sunday a member of our congregation is at the pulpit delivering our reading for the day. Thank you to Fran Hill for the continuous work she does every week. During Karen's vacation time, we are blessed with talented people willing to take on the task of pulpit supply. Many hours of preparation go into this service. Thank you for accepting the challenge.

During the year, a dedicated group help to set up and take down the decorations in our sanctuary for Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter, help during Sunday social hour and make decisions on your behalf. Thank you to all our Worship Committee members.

To our Communion Preparers and Communion Servers who when asked, accept the challenge with grace and commitment to serve our spiritual community. Thank you to the twenty preparers and eighty servers. Thank you to all the greeters and counters for stepping up to serve. My sincere gratitude to everyone in this congregation who gives of themselves in selfless service.

We come to Church to Worship, to join in community to serve our God and to serve the outside world, in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord. Thank you all.

Please feel free to ask any questions regarding Worship to our Chairperson, Minister or any member.

If we don't know, then we will find out for you. We are open and transparent.

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